about me

Hello, my name is Sally Allardyce, my life experiences and personal challenges took me to counselling.   From my counsellor I received gentle support and acceptance, and through that I learnt about myself, and how to understand and manage the feelings and emotions that I may encounter in the future. 


As a result of what I learnt about myself whilst in therapy I decided to retrain and become a counsellor to offer back to others what I had received.

I am passionate about the value and benefits of counselling.  I offer you warmth, empathy, honesty and understanding.

​I know that when I experience a balance within my mental health I am better able to express and manage a range of positive and negative emotions, and able to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family & friends in my life.

I believe that a balanced mental health is essential for continued personal growth and development, and that this will help to support you through any difficult times that you may encounter.

Asking for help and talking about your feelings through counselling can help you maintain your mental health.