About me

  • My name is Sally Allardyce, my personal life experiences took me to counselling, and as a result, I decided to retrain as a counsellor. 

  • I am passionate about the value and benefits of counselling.  I offer you warmth, empathy, honesty and understanding.

  • Why did I become a counsellor?  I have always been interested people and I have a strong desire to help others as I have been helped and supported through my own personal counselling.  

  • I know that when you experience good mental health you are better able to express and manage a range of positive and negative emotions and able to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others in your life.

  • I believe that good mental health is essential for continued personal growth and development, and that this will help to support you through any difficult times that you may encounter.

  • Asking for help and talking about your feelings can help you maintain your good mental health.