how will we work together?

  • My approach is warm and relaxed, and I offer you a counselling relationship that is individual to you and based on your situation.

  • I will help and support you to find the strength and confidence to make the lasting changes that may be necessary in your life. 

  • I know counselling will bring you a stronger sense of who you are, and what you need in order to become more in control of your life.

  • Throughout our time together you are in charge, I am here to support you.

how many sessions do I need?

  • This is a common question. We start with weekly sessions, and if this is possible at the same time and day each week, this is so we can get to know each other and together build a therapeutic relationship.

  • It is hoped that we will meet for 4-6 sessions as a minimum to fully explore and discuss your difficulties.


  • This may change in time to fortnightly or monthly sessions until you feel ready to end the counselling.​


what actually happens for an hour?

  • Each counselling relationship and appointment is unique.


  • The appointment is time and space for you to talk through any issues that have brought you to counselling. 

  • It can be difficult knowing where to start, especially if the issue is longstanding and feels overwhelming.

  • Often the first appointment will involve me doing a lot of listening, especially at the start of our working together.


  • I will listen and really hear what has brought you to counselling and what your goals are.


  • We will review your progress and goals throughout our work together.  


  • What I offer is a time for you to talk freely, without advice giving or judgement.


how much does it cost?

  • The cost for one to one is £45.00 for 60 mins

  • The cost for couples is £50 for 60 mins. 

Availability of appts?

  • I offer face to face counselling and can offer appointments during the daytime and evening at Truro, Scorrier or St Ives.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions or concerns.  If you would like more information please contact me and I will try to answer your questions