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Courage to be you ......

I came across this image yesterday and it illustrated to me a feeling that I had recently experienced.

I had been busy criticising myself, yet again, for not achieving what I had set out to do over the previous week. I hadn't done the admin, or exercised as much I wished. When I finished beating myself up over what I "hadn't" achieved, I gently reminded myself that I had been unwell at the beginning of the week and I had done well to get to the end of the working week without having to cancel any appointments. Yes the admin did not get done, or as much exercise as I would have liked, what I did achieve was the courage and ability to say to myself that I can do this tomorrow or next week and that it is okay to let go of my expectations of myself.

What I am saying is that we are quick to criticise or underestimate what we actually achieve every single day. For some getting out of bed can be as much an achievement as putting in a full day at work for another person. To expect to achieve as much as the next person can be unrealistic and unworkable.

Courage means checking in each day with yourself how you are feeling and if you feel that you are standing still or moving forward, it doesnt matter, what is important is to check in and explore what may be stopping you from changing the things in your life that no longer suit you.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to check in with yourself and to explore feelings and emotions and how they impact on your life choice

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