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I am passionate about the process of supervision and the importance of our supervisory relationship to support your practice.

I feel supervision is a collegiate professional relationship which helps you, as a counsellor/trainee, to reflect on different aspects of the therapeutic counselling relationship, and aspects in your life that may impact on your counselling work.  We will work together to best support you and your practice.

I offer a space to openly discuss, support and guide you within your practice, providing a self awareness and knowledge leading to maintaining a safe ethical practice.

I use Hawkins & Shohet's 7 Eyed Model in supervision sessions,  providing space to explore  all aspects of the work including both the client/supervisee  and the supervisee/supervisor relationship.

I qualified as a supervisor as part of my BA Hons and am able to provide supervision to individuals and small groups of practitioners.  Supervision sessions for individuals  can be for 60 minutes or 90 minutes and face to face.

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